Biden Victory: A Write-in Win!

Biden Victory: A Write-in Win!

Biden Victory, Imagine a day when everyone gets to choose who they want as their leader. This is what happened in a place called New Hampshire. The grown-ups wanted to vote for President Joe Biden, but there was a little problem. Let’s find out how they fixed it!

Biden Victory : Ballot Oops

So, there’s this thing called a ballot where you write the name of the person you like. But, guess what? Biden’s name wasn’t there! Oh no! The grown-ups were worried, but they didn’t give up.

Biden Victory: A Write-in Win!

Biden Victory : Write-In Campaign

Imagine you want your favorite superhero to win, but they are not in the superhero race. What would you do? Well, Biden’s friends did something called a write-in campaign. It’s like saying, “Even if his name is not there, we still want him!”

Biden Victory : A Show of Love

Just like when you draw a big heart to show love, the grown-ups went to the voting place and wrote Biden’s name on the ballot. They wanted everyone to see that they really, really like him.

Biden Victory : CNN’s Magic

There’s a special group of people who tell everyone what’s happening. They are like magic reporters. CNN is one of them, and they said, “Biden wins!” It’s like when you win a race and everyone cheers for you.

Symbolic Victory

Now, the word ‘symbolic’ is a big one. It means that even though Biden won, it’s like a special victory that doesn’t give him a big trophy. The grown-ups just wanted to show they are still excited about him.

No Delegates, No Problem

Okay, here’s a cool word – delegates. It’s like having teammates. Even though Biden won, he didn’t get any teammates this time. But that’s okay because the grown-ups just wanted to make sure everyone knows they support him.

Grown-Ups in Disagreement

Grown-ups sometimes have differing opinions. It’s like when you and your friends can’t decide which game to play. Before the big day, there was some disagreement among the grown-ups, and it made the election day a little tense.

President’s Struggle

You know how sometimes you want to play with your toys, but they don’t seem as fun anymore? Well, some grown-ups felt that way about Biden. They were worried that not many people were excited to vote for him.

A Not-So-Mortifying Result

The grown-ups were scared that if not many people voted for Biden, it would be embarrassing. But, because of the write-in campaign, it turned out okay. It was not as scary as they thought.

Happy Ending

In the end, everyone learned that even if there are some problems, friends can help fix them. The grown-ups showed that they still want Biden to be their leader, and that’s a happy ending!