New Hampshire Primary: Trump and Haley in the Spotlight

New Hampshire Primary: Trump and Haley in the Spotlight

New Hampshire Primary, In the world of grown-ups talking about important stuff, there’s something called a primary in a place called New Hampshire. Let’s find out what happened and who the grown-ups liked!

New Hampshire Primary : Choosing Sides

Imagine you are in a big playground, and everyone has to decide which game to play. In this primary, some people are in a group called Republicans, and they really like a person named Trump. Others are like free birds, not in any group, and they like a person named Haley.

New Hampshire Primary: Trump and Haley in the Spotlight

New Hampshire Primary : Trump’s Fans

The Trump group is like a fan club, and guess what? About three-quarters of them really, really like Trump. It’s like when you have a favorite toy, and you want to play with it all the time.

New Hampshire Primary : Haley’s Supporters

Now, the free birds – the ones not in a group – they have a leader named Haley. Not everyone, but about two-thirds of them really like her. It’s like having a friend that you think is the best at playing games.

New Hampshire Primary : Big Word Alert – ‘Undeclared’

In this playground, there are some kids who don’t want to be in any group. They identify as ‘undeclared.’ It’s like saying, “I’m not just a player of one game; I want to play all the games!”

Close Race

Oh, it’s like a big race! Some kids are in the red team, and some are not in any team. The race is so close, like when you and your friends run to see who’s the fastest.

College vs. No College

Now, the kids who go to a big school called college have a different opinion. Two-thirds of those who don’t go to that school really like Trump. But, the ones who go to college, about 6 in 10 of them think Haley is super cool.

Grown-Up Talk

Grown-ups like to talk about these things on something called CNN. They asked kids (not really kids, but big kids) questions when they finished playing the games, and they found out all this interesting stuff.

Trump’s Teammates

Imagine you have a team of superheroes, and Trump is like their leader. His teammates are the kids who really, really like him, and they say, “Go Trump, go!”

Haley’s Squad

Now, imagine another team with a leader named Haley. Her squad is the kids who think she’s the best, and they cheer, “Haley, Haley, she’s our star!”

Happy or Serious?

Sometimes in this big playground, kids have different feelings about who they like. Some are super happy, and some are serious. But, in the end, everyone hopes the playground stays a fun and happy place!